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Green Field

The Biomass Quality Network Canada (BQNC) facilitates the commercialization of agricultural biomass for industrial applications through the development and adoption of quality standards and methods.

By providing updates of the BQNC’s activities and housing a central database of quality standards, this site is a resource for producers, industry members and researchers who wish to advance the Canadian bioproducts industry.

Image by Renee Fisher

What are we doing?

We work with all levels of the supply chain, from farmers to manufacturers, to become a global benchmark for quality standards to support the advancement of the bioproducts industry in three main sectors:

  1. Biomaterials,

  2. Biorefineries (Biofuels and Biochemicals), and 

  3. Bioenergy

Within the bioproducts industry, we identify and prioritize gaps in quality standards, create a database to record and link to existing standards information, develop standards where gaps exist, become a Canadian focal point for communications and coordinate activities with national and international standards organizations.

Why are we doing this? 

Biomass is not being utilized to its full potential because of the limited knowledge and understanding of its properties that currently exist for the Canadian bioproducts industry.

Companies must be able to assure their customers that biomass can replace traditional materials and to do that, quality standards, measurement protocols and grading systems must be in place. Development and implementation of relevant quality standards will enable the adoption of biomass by industry to commercialize bioproducts in Canada.


Our Vision

A vibrant and maturing Canadian bioproducts industry supported through a reliable, robust and consistent supply of agricultural biomass and an end-to-end supply chain that meets ongoing industry needs. 

Our Mission

To accelerate adoption of Canadian biomass in bioproducts for all stakeholders through the: development and deployment of standards, methods and guidelines; management and monitoring of a certification system; and provision of value-added services

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